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If you've already held a PJammin® for Kids with Cancer event, you know we provide complimentary* items to support your awareness event. What you may not know is that we also have additional fun swag items for sale to enhance the promotion and success of your event as well! 


T-shirts? Ideal for event hosts, the administration team, or the teachers and staff! Wear the PJammin® t-shirt with your favorite pair of pajama pants and slippers. You'll be comfortable at work knowing that your donations directly benefit the American Childhood Cancer Organization! 


Buttons? Perfect for students to wear during the week leading up to your event! This added bit of fun can serve as a reminder for students to wear their pajamas on the designated awareness day! 


Need to order a LARGE quantity?  Please email Maura at mfitzgibbon@acco.org for custom assistance and ordering. 


Disclaimer: PJammin for Kids with Cancer®  is a registered trademark and a signature awareness program of the American Childhood Cancer Organization. These products and awareness items are to be used explicitly for fundraising or awareness efforts benefiting ACCO and their mission. 


*To receive your complimentary awareness items, please register your event at www.acco.org/pjammin/.